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About us

Ceramics Central was a newly formed company that created from a life long passion of owner Deb Derico.  Deb opened a store next to her workshop in Cortland, Ohio and launched the online store. Though still in its infancy stage, the company has many great ideas and plans for expansion so check back often to watch our growth!

 Our inception:  Having a ceramic shop was a life long dream... one that seemed so far out of reach. Events came together and the time finally seemed right so we opened our doors in July 2016.

Our growth: From the day we opened and did our first pour we knew this is what we had always hoped it would be. Since then we have gone through a major renovation to our building and property, gained thousands of new molds and equipment, obtained dealerships with most of the major ceramic suppliers and brought in new lines in our supplies/paints sections.

Our goals: To become your "One Stop Shop" for all things ceramics.... from bisque to supplies.


UPDATE: Five years later and we have reached and exceeded many of our goals... one being we are now incorporated with a name change. We are happy to announce we are now Bisque Busters!